Know the materials: tables, pet items, cabinets, and hampers

Materials of hampers and trash cabinets, pet items: 

*orders placed after 01/01/2023

1. What are the cabinets, hampers, and benches, and dog products made from?

  • Our painted cabinets/hampers, and pet products are made with a thermally fused laminate, which is FSC-certified, Rainforest Alliance-certified, and Anti-Microbial. Prior to orders placed on 01-01-2024, items not stained are painted. This material is the same as high-end closets and kitchen cabinets. It is washable, and scratch-resistant which are nice features.
  • Dog feeders will have wood tops, either painted or stained. The body will be TFL.
  • Our small pieces, such as some internal components of the item may be made of engineered wood from Glacier Green, a certified green product.
  • Items designated as "stained" are Baltic Birch. Our wood is certified from The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) a non-profit organization committed to encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests. You can shop with us knowing the materials we use are sourced responsibly.

A little more about the look and feel:

Stained items are made from Baltic birch please expect occurrences from nature, including texture. These items will have texture. There is no edge banding on our real wood furniture. Please look carefully at our pictures. Utilize the zoom function on your device. We work hard to ensure our pictures are accurate as well as our descriptions. The most distinctive feature of Baltic birch is that the edges are attractive, uniform stripes of hardwood veneer, usually alternating light and dark bands

Our solid color cabinets and wood-look cabinets are thermally fused laminate. Not only is this environmentally responsible but cleanable! 

  • Thermally fused finished panels may be easily cleaned using a mild, non-abrasive, all-purpose cleaner and a soft cloth. Coffee, tea, or other difficult stains may be removed using a mild household detergent or a paste of baking soda and water (note: 10-20 strokes should remove most stains, excessive force or scrubbing may damage the surface)
  • Harsh chemicals or abrasive materials should not be used. Should the surface come in contact with a drain, toilet, or oven cleaner immediately remove the chemical, rinse thoroughly, and wipe dry. Abrasives such as scouring pads or gritty cleansers may permanently dull and/or scratch the surface and result in future staining.
  • Protect the surface from hot or sharp objects. Do not place hot cookware, dishes, or objects on the surface. Knives and other sharp objects used directly on the surface can also be damaging. Protect surfaces from heat with an insulating pad or trivet, and from sharp objects with a chopping block or counter protector

When an item is painted, we use washable, cabinet paint in a semi-gloss finish paint on our cabinets and hampers. Some of our recessed (framed look) door fronts are painted.


Our coffee table tops are made of Baltic Birch. These are not individual slats but rather a solid piece made to resemble slats. This process keeps your table looking and feeling flat since the slat-look can't swell.

Please feel free to zoom in on the tables in the listings. Here are the stains we offer for both cabinets and coffee table tops:

The coffee table legs are painted soft ivory eggshell paint finish and lightly distressed. They are made of solid knotty pine.

Coffee tables arrived via FedEx freight and entry tables and end tables are shipped ground. Coffee tables and end tables are assembled. Entry tables are not and will require some assembly.

All tables are made just for you. Expect a wait time of at least 3 weeks. However, the current lead time can vary so please contact us if this is an issue for you.

Our tables are finished in an eggshell. To clean your table, use a soft cloth, damp is fine but avoid too much liquid. It is wood and can be damaged. Do not use abrasive materials or harsh chemicals. It will ruin the surface.  Also, we advise using felt pads under decor to protect your finish.