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Below find details about items available to add to your purchase:

Backing details:

Our cabinets and hampers are strong and sturdy and do not need a back added for stability. They are a matter of preference. As mentioned in our FAQs page, our cabinets do not come with a back but this listing will make backing available to those customers who prefer one.

This is not for individual sale. This must be purchased simultaneously as your cabinet or hamper so it can ship with your cabinet.

The hardboard does not take paint or stain. It is installed with small brackets. 

*****Again...IT IS HARDBOARD and NOT painted.******

As you can see, it's not a 'finished' back. But then again, most backs are to the wall. 

If purchased after your cabinet or hamper has shipped, contact us as shipping charges will apply.

Top of cabinet choices:

What a beautiful way to add interest and contrast to your painted trash cabinet or laundry hamper.

We offer four materials to top off your cabinet. The standard is the same color as your cabinet. There is no charge, just choose the option for "same color". We also offer stained wood and wood look. They are very similar in look but very different in cleaning and care. Please see below:

1- Baltic Birch: Our Baltic Birch tops are natural wood. Although they are beautiful to behold, they are NOT graded for food preparation. No two are exactly alike so please expect variances as our wood is real wood. This wood product is stained in your choice of dark brown or aged barrel and is clear coated. Clean it with a damp cloth, no harsh chemicals or cleaner. It can scratch.

This comes in dark brown.

2- Washable: Our washable wood-look top surface is made from Thermally Fused Laminate and is washable and scratch-resistant. 

This comes in:

  • dark brown with wood grain
  • gray with wood grain
  • black, no grain, smooth surface

Measurements are as follows:

  • Single: 18.25 W x 12 7/8D
  • Regular Double: 35.75W x 12 7/8D
  • Slim Double: 27W x 17.25D
  • Regular Triple: 53.25 W x 12 7/8D
  • Slim Triple: 39.25 x 17.25
  • Quad regular 71.5w x 13D

The quad-stained top will arrive in 2 pieces, the same as the quad cabinet. 

Our final option is butcher block. Details are below.

Consider adding a butcher block top to your trash cabinet. It is the perfect way to add a little more space to your kitchen. Easily chop your fruits and veggies and push the scraps right in the trash. The tilt-out trash cabinets stay open until you close them.

Our butcher block is made from Birch. Birch is a slow-growth, closed grain hardwood harvested from sustainable forests. Remember that wood is a product of nature. The allure of a pure wood product is that no two grain patterns, textures, or colors are identical. Wood is affected by soil contents, climate, growth patterns, and many other factors. These wonderfully unique features will ensure a one of a kind look for your home. 

Measurements are as follows:

  • Single: 18.25 W x 12 7/8D
  • Regular Double: 35.75W x 12 7/8D
  • Slim Double: 27W x 17.25D
  • Regular Triple: 53.25 W x 12 7/8D
  • Slim Triple: 39.25 x 17.25
  • Quad regular 71.5w x 13D

The quad butcher block top will arrive in 2 pieces as all other quad tops (in 2 pieces).

The top is shown oiled. Your top will arrive raw for your own finishing/oiling.

*Butcher block directional grain may vary.

Differences in grain, coloring, or mineral streaking, as it occurred in nature, will not be considered a defect or reason for a replacement. Wood will change with time, gradually responding to its environment, and aging with beauty.

Samples are below:

stained dark brown
Screenshot 2024-03-05 150452.png

Wood Look dark brown:
This has texture and is scrubbable.

file (9).jpg

Wood look barnwood gray. This has texture and is scrubbable.


Butcher Block:

Screenshot 2024-03-05 145918.png

  • Plastic trash cans:

We offer plastic trsh cans for purchase with your trash cabinet or you may opt to purchase them on your own. The specifics for the trash cans are:

  • 10.25 gallon or 41 quart
  • 19.875" inches tall
  • 15.25" inches wide
  • 11" deep

They hold a 13-gallon kitchen trash bag


Laundry bags:

Additional laundry bags for your tilt-out hamper purchase. 

Our cotton canvas bags are 100% eco-friendly, recyclable, biodegradable, and sustainable to the environment. Since they are made from natural fiber (cotton fiber) they should not be machine washed as this can cause shrinkage. We recommend spot cleaning with a damp cloth or cleaning solution that works on cotton canvas with no bleach. 

Our hampers are made to hold these bags specifically.
Laundry Bag Dimensions: 15.75" W x 9.44" D x 23.25"H

These are ONLY for sale with a hamper and not as a single item purchase. If the bags are purchased without a hamper, the sale will be canceled and refunded. These are an "add on item". Your original purchase will include the appropriate amount of laundry bags. Use the drop down if you would like additional bags.

laundry bag.png

Rush Build Fee:

Rush build fee (per item) for The Lovemade Home means your item will be shipped in 10 business days rather than the stated time. See our FAQ page for current lead time.