How To Design the Ultimate Dog Feeding Station (With Links!)

Designing the perfect feeding station for your furry friend is essential for keeping your pet supplies organized, while also maintaining a tidy look in your home. Take it from us, with our 6 golden doodles. From choosing the right feeder to selecting the best food storage options, every detail matters. Here are some expert tips on how to create the ultimate pet feeding station for your beloved dog. Links for all things shown will be included at the bottom!

1. Select the Perfect Feeder

When it comes to choosing a feeder for your dog, consider their size and eating habits. Our feeders are easy to clean and made of high-quality materials for durability. When choosing your feeder, first decided how many bowls you will need. We offer two, three, and four bowls. These can be used in any configurations you need, such as:

Two bowls: 2 food bowls or 1 food and 1 water.

Three bowls: 2 food bowls and 1 water, 3 food bowls, or 2 water bowls and 1 food. 

Four bowls: 2 food bowls and 2 water bowls, 3 food bowls and 1 water bowl, etc.

After you know how many bowls you need for your pets, select which height you need! We offer sizes ranging from 4" to 21". You can visit our FAQs for an easy guide to measuring your furry friend.

Next, the fun part! Customize the color, top, panel, and handle of the feeder to ensure it perfectly matches your space. An added bonus of purchasing our feeders is that each one includes an additional storage drawer for storing toys, treats, etc!

2. Invest in Food Storage

Keep your dog's food fresh and easily accessible by investing in a proper food storage container. We offer 2 different styles of food storage, a single unit and a double. Each unit holds 50 pounds of dry dog food. Additionally, add an airtight container to prevent moisture and pests from contaminating the food (available here). After choosing your size, customize the unit to your liking. We offer a matching food storage for every elevated feeder!

3. Organize with a Leash Rack

Make this space even more multi-functional with our pet-themed wall racks. Use these to store your dogs leash, collar, and even your jackets for quick, convenient access to everything you need for a walk or outdoor adventure with your furry companion.

4. Provide a Comfortable Pet Bed

Your dog deserves a cozy and comfortable bed where they can relax after a meal. Choose a pet bed that is the right size for your dog and made of durable materials. Place the bed near the feeding station to create a designated eating and resting area for your pet while not distracting from the style of your home.

5. Personalize with Accessories

Add a personal touch to your dog's feeding station with accessories like a custom toy box. We have two sizes of toy boxes each available with a customizable name plate for your dogs! We also have a range of stylish pup-inspired wall art to complete your feeding station!

6. Don't Forget the Cats

For those of you with a cat, our smaller 4-6" feeders work perfectly! Don't forget to snag our best-selling hidden litter box benches too! We offer a standard size and a Maine Coon size. 

By following these expert tips, you can design the ultimate pet feeding station for your dog that is both practical and stylish. Your furry friend will appreciate the effort you put into creating a space that meets their needs and enhances their daily routine.


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