A Little Bit About Us!

We are Jo Beth and Tom, The co-owners and founders of The Lovemade Home. We met in 2014 and joined families shortly after. It started with a desk Tom built out of palette wood in our garage, which we decided to list on Etsy. He carried it into our living room and I was super excited! I told him I thought it was love-made by him. That night, Tom told me he wanted to name the business Lovemade14. It quickly escalated into disassembling any wooden palettes we could get our hands on and creating a variety of items. August 31, 2015, is the official birthday of our best selling product. Our trash cabinet! 

Since then we have maintained a long-standing reputation with Etsy but we felt the company needed room to grow and reach more homes. In November, 2017, we opened our own website, Lovemade14.com. We have also introduced many more items to our inventory. Many of these products you see listed were requested by loyal customers, who wanted a little more love in their homes. We're always listing new designs, so be sure to visit our store from time to time for new products and decorating ideas. 

From buying a new house with a larger basement, to leasing a large space in a cave unit in Parkville, MO, we’ve been fortunate enough to continue expanding our space with our business as our customers continue to support us. In 2021, however, we had the opportunity to buy a full warehouse from a lovely group of people known as Quality Vending. This is where all of the Lovemade items are built.

In 2021, we also rebranded as ‘The Lovemade Home’  you know today. We felt it better encompassed what our business had grown into. Each and every one of our products are handmade from start to finish. We tested out every new product in our own home before we introduced it in our shop. We know how each item will function and how it withstands the wear and tear of everyday life with kids, dogs, and busy grown-ups! We still use our original trash cabinet today!

We are proud to offer such elegant, eye-catching solutions to trash and laundry needs. We believe every part of life, even the kitchen trash, should be as happy as we can make it. With every order, we are honored to have the opportunity to build for another customer. We appreciate being trusted by our customers to build something they will use every day, for years and years. 

We had no idea the adventure this company would set us on together. There hasn’t been a day that passed where we were anything but thankful for this business and proud of what we created. We continue to work on new ideas every day and love input from our customers. You can reach out to us @Thelovemadehome on Instagram and Pinterest, as well as our support email, support@thelovemadehome.com. 

Thank you for considering our shop to help style your home, 


With Love, 

Jo Beth and Tom